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Bulldog Gym Parramatta prides itself in providing world class training in a safe friendly environment with world class instructors. Some people join to get into shape, improve self confidence, some for self defence or to try a new sport. Everyone is welcomed by the friendly atmosphere and find themselves making new friends and having fun while they reach their personal goals.

About The Gym

Bulldog Gyms have some of the best trainers in Australia, all with international fighting experience. Private lessons, group classes and fighter training available. Classes are designed so the complete beginners can get fit and improve their confidence and self defence.

Bulldog Gyms are in Parramatta, Manly, Castle Hill, Balmain, Gold Coast and Canberra.


The Bulldog Gym Muay Thai program is closely affiliated with the World famous Sitsongpeenong Camps in Thailand. Experienced Muay Thai trainers and fighters from Sitsongpeenong frequent the gym to add to its training expertise.

The Bulldog Gym Muay Thai program follows the world famous Gracie curriculum. The gyms guest instructors include MMA Superstar “Minatauro Nogueria”, Dave Camerillo BJJ coach of Jon Finch and UFC champion Cain Velazquez.